fanfares by Cathay Pacific Aug 27


Grab your Cathay Pacific fanfares to San Francisco quickly! This is definitely the best deal this week.

I have noticed there are a lot of seats between Asia and SFO this fall, guess  demand is light. There are a lot less seats available between Los Angeles and Asia. I think the airlines need to realize that LAX serves a much larger market than SFO and should readjust capacity there. Regarding connecting flights, LAX still has tons of flights feeding the rest of the country so I hopefully as LAX gets upgraded we’ll see more capacity to southern California.

Tokyo and Seoul are my next two picks, be sure to double-check the valid travel dates.

Fan Fare sfo

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Fuzhou HKD 590 | HKD 1,225*
Kaohsiung HKD 690 | HKD 1,289*
Phnom Penh HKD 790 | HKD 1,504*
Zhengzhou HKD 890 | HKD 1,525*
Penang HKD 890 | HKD 1,565*
Singapore HKD 1,090 | HKD 1,819*
Seoul HKD 1,490 | HKD 2,212*
Yangon HKD 1,490 | HKD 2,088*
Saudi Arabia HKD 1,490 | HKD 3,432*
Tokyo HKD 1,590 | HKD 2,315*
San Francisco HKD 3,490 | HKD 5,788*

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