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Two nice long-haul destination picks for the CX fanfares this week!

Chicago and Frankfurt are great picks and if the dates work out, I’d suggest you book them ASAP. Deals go live at 8am. I have a feeling these will sell out.

The remainder of the destinations are typical ones we see from week to week. The featured destination is Qingdao to try beer, but I’d much rather go to Frankfurt to try the beer there than Tsingtao, lol.


Calling all beer lovers! Join us on an expedition to #Qingdao, where you can visit the Tsingtao Beer Museum, learn the history of beer, watch the beer-making process and of course, taste the freshly brewed beer! Book #fanfaresat 8am if you know the pleasure of a pint!

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Manila HKD790 | HKD1290*
Nanjing HKD790 | HKD1405*
Qingdao HKD890 | HKD1505*
Ho Chi Minh City HKD990 | HKD1646*
Da Nang HKD1490 | HKD2115*
Yangon HKD1490 | HKD2068*
Osaka HKD1690 | HKD2413*
Fukuoka HKD2090 | HKD2661*
Perth HKD2890 | HKD5335*
Chicago HKD2990 | HKD5620*
Frankfurt HKD2990 | HKD5272*

*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change. Should any discrepancy be found, please refer to

愛喝啤酒的朋友,你有到過 #青島 著名的青島啤酒博物館嗎? 那裡可品嚐新鮮釀製的啤酒,更可以了解啤酒的神秘起源及觀看啤酒的製造過程,絕對會是一個特別的文化體驗! 早上8時準時訂購 #fanfares !

馬尼拉 港幣790 | 港幣1290*
南京 港幣790 | 港幣1405*
青島 港幣890 | 港幣1505*
胡志明巿 港幣990 | 港幣1646*
峴港 港幣1490 | 港幣2115*
仰光 港幣1490 | 港幣2068*
大阪 港幣1690 | 港幣2413*
福岡 港幣2090 | 港幣2661*
珀斯 港幣2890 | 港幣5335*
芝加哥 港幣2990 | 港幣5620*
法蘭克福 港幣2990 | 港幣5272*

所有票價以 為準


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