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In Cathay Pacific’s latest list of fanfares, long-haul destinations – South Africa’s Johannesburg (August 9- August 22) and Australia’s Melbourne (This Thursday through June 10) are the biggest highlights with flights priced at HK$4,100 and under HK$3,700 respectively.

For closer destinations, attractive deals include flights to Nagoya (next week)  at around HK$2,300 and Tokyo (August 9 – August 22) at under HK$3,000.Though prices are relatively reasonable for travels during the summer, these deals are comparatively less competitive than those offered in Hong Kong Express latest Megasale, which just started at today (June 2)’s midnight. Make sure to check if those deals (as low as HK$730) are still available if you are planning to travel between August 26 2015 and March 26, 2016 to cities like Nagoya, Tokyo, Kukuoka and Phuket etc.

For the rest of the list, the last-minute travels depart as early as June 4 (this Thursday) while others leave from early to mid August.


Get a panoramic view from the top the Petronas Towers. With world-class shopping, an outdoor park and even a hidden concert hall, this soaring icon overlooks an equally diverse and vibrant city. Fly to ‪#‎KualaLumpur‬ for a unique combination of historic and modern landmarks, green spaces and delicious cuisine from the country’s rich Malay, Chinese and Indian heritage. Book ‪#‎fanfares‬ at 8am.

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Changsha HKD590 | HKD917*
Manila HKD790 | HKD1098*
Hangzhou HKD790 | HKD1117*
Guilin HKD790 | HKD1117*
Kuala Lumpur HKD990 | HKD1350*
Da Nang HKD1490 | HKD1838*
Colombo HKD1590 | HKD2314*
Nagoya HKD1890 | HKD2264*
Tokyo, Narita HKD2590 | HKD2968*
Melbourne HKD2590 | HKD3692*
Johannesburg HKD3190 | HKD4104*
*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer to

佇立於 ‪#‎雙子塔‬ 的頂端,360°景觀飽覽無遺。在這高聳的標誌性建築,你可體驗世界級的購物享受,俯瞰林立的商店、戶外公園,甚至隱藏角落的音樂廳,感受城市的多元及活力。立即飛往 ‪#‎吉隆玻‬,走過歷史及現代的新舊地標、綠油油的草地或品嚐具馬來西亞、中國以及印度特色的美味佳餚。早上八時準時訂購 #fanfares!

長沙 港幣590 | 港幣917*
馬尼拉 港幣790 | 港幣1098*
杭州 港幣790 | 港幣1117*
桂林 港幣790 | 港幣1117*
吉隆坡 港幣990 | 港幣1350*
峴港 港幣1490 | 港幣1838*
科倫坡 港幣1590 | 港幣2314*
名古屋 港幣1890 | 港幣2264*
東京 (成田機場) 港幣2590 | 港幣2968*
墨爾本 港幣2590 | 港幣3692*
約翰內斯堡 港幣3190 | 港幣4104*
所有票價以 為準。

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