Cathay Pacific weekly fanfares are out again!


Update 12pm HKT: 

As suspected, the valid travel dates are through Jan 23, 2013 for a majority of the fanfares. They don’t appear to be selling out very quickly since a lot of people cannot take off work that time of year. As of now only Ho Chi Minh and Perth are sold out.

Normally I write my article about the CX fanfare after they are released, since you can’t see the travel dates until 8am. But today I will try writing about it before they’re released.

This week’s fanfare is including a good variety of destinations, the cheapest being $490 HKD to Guilin. The destinations and prices are visible in the image, and my thoughts on the fares are below.

While I currently don’t know the dates these destinations are available, I can suggest some good destinations on sale. Typically the dates are for departures only about 2 weeks – 4 weeks out, maybe one or two destinations may be 6 weeks out. So expect travel dates to be late December through mid-late January.

Taichung is a good price at $590.
Tokyo almost always sells out, so at $990 expect that destination to go fast.
Frankfurt is a nice deal at $2,990, but keep in mind it’s cold now.
Los Angeles is a great deal at $2,990 and I really suggest you go for that if you’re looking to head to the West Coast.

Lukewarm deals include Vietnam destinations Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh at $790, it’s low season now.
Kuala Lumpur is also OK at $990, it’s been on a Smart Saver sale along with Penang at $1,300 since October.



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