Cathay Pacific Long Haul Sample Menu


Ever wonder what you might get as a meal on your long-haul flight? Here is a sample economy class meal menu on Cathay Pacific flight CX841 from JFK to HKG which departed at 9am NY time.

The first meal is served about an hour after takeoff. The brunch option I wanted chicken but they ran out by the time the trolley reached me, so I had the omelette instead. It was ok, decent, not particularly good or bad.

CX economy meal

The main meal was served about halfway into the flight, or with about 7 hours remaining. For the dinner I ordered the chicken, and I thought it tasted good, although it didn’t look too appetizing. I was pretty hungry though so I guess that made the food taste better than it was. The shrimp in the appetizer was good, but it was in this weird white sauce, so I just ate the shrimp.

cx meal

Cathay Pacific also serves it’s signature cup noodles during flight, so I had two of those during the long 16 hour flight. I also saw some apples, cookies, and sandwiches available as well if any of those are of interest.

For the drinks, CX economy does have alcohol including spirits, wines, and beers. See the menu below.

CX Economy Wine



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