Cathay Pacific fanfares this week


fanfares Oct 15

Fanfares for the week are out. A few nice fares this week including Shanghai Pudong, Phuket, Seoul, Tokyo Haneda, and Chicago. Hope the dates work out for you.

As of 9:25am Seoul unfortunately is sold out already though, Chicago could still be a good bet. especially since they’re allowing travel over Christmas for a total of $6,440 all in. I need to look into this myself.  

HaikouHKD 490*SeoulHKD 1,290*
XiamenHKD 590*DubaiHKD 1,490*
Shanghai, PudongHKD 690*Tokyo, HanedaHKD 1,690*
Ho Chi Minh CityHKD 790*PerthHKD 1,990*
KaohsiungHKD 790*ChicagoHKD 3,990*
PhuketHKD 1,090*

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