Cathay Pacific fanfares: October 7


CX fanfares out at 8am HKT. Best deals are Los Angeles and Milan, Italy. Everything else lukewarm; Hanoi is probably the best deal for the short-hauls. LA, California is the real star here, book it if the dates work. You won’t find a cheaper fare than this.

fanfare cambodia

Experience the bustling capital of #Cambodia and get a taste of Asian exotica!#PhnomPenh ’s temples, palaces, and the remnants of its French colonial history will not disappoint! Book #fanfares at 8am and fly away!

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Wuhan HKD590 | HKD1192*
Kunming HKD790 | HKD1392*
Hanoi HKD790 | HKD1413*
Phnom Penh HKD790 | HKD1471*
Hangzhou HKD890 | HKD1492*
Da Nang HKD1290 | HKD1913*
Yangon HKD1490 | HKD2054*
Nagoya HKD2090 | HKD2761*
Adelaide HKD2890 | HKD5311*
Milan HKD2990 | HKD5008*
Los Angeles HKD2990 | HKD5218*

*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change. Should any discrepancy be found, please refer to

探索 #柬埔寨 繁華熱鬧的首都,感受亞洲的異國風情。座落 #金邊 的宏偉寺廟、金碧輝煌的宮殿,以及在法國殖民時代遺留下來的歷史遺跡絕對不會讓你失望!早上8時準時訂購 #fanfares

武漢 港幣590 | 港幣1192*
昆明 港幣790 | 港幣1392*
河內 港幣790 | 港幣1413*
金邊 港幣790 | 港幣1471*
杭州 港幣890 | 港幣1492*
峴港 港幣1290 | 港幣1913*
仰光 港幣1490 | 港幣2054*
名古屋 港幣2090 | 港幣2761*
阿德萊德 港幣2890 | 港幣5311*
米蘭 港幣2990 | 港幣5008*
洛杉磯 港幣2990 | 港幣5218*

所有票價以 為準


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