Cathay Pacific Fanfares Jan 13


Head off to Sanya, China’s own Hawaii with Cathay Pacific Airlines’ latest fanfare and enjoy bright sunshine, blue waters and refreshing greenery in your weekend getaway.

Also, don’t miss out on great deals to European destinations Manchester and Frankfurt, which goes as low as under $4000.

Half of the released destinations are for travel in January while the rest are for April 2015.

#Sanya has become one of Asia’s top surfing destinations! It’s also many holidaymakers’ favourite place to relax, admire unusual rock formations and the marine life that inhabit the area. Book #fanfares at 8am to experience the “China’s Hawaii”!

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Sanya HKD490 | HKD982*
Fuzhou HKD590 | HKD1082*
Manila HKD790 | HKD1168*
Wuhan HKD790 | HKD1282*
Shanghai (Pudong) HKD890 | HKD1382*
Kuala Lumpur HKD990 | HKD1513*
Jeju HKD1590 | HKD2135*
Tokyo (Narita) HKD1890 | HKD2439*
Fukuoka HKD2290 | HKD2732*
Manchester HKD3290 | HKD5697*
Frankfurt HKD3890 | HKD5930*
*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer to

海南島目前已成為亞洲最熱門的衝浪勝地之一。在東南岸的石梅灣處處都看得到奇形怪狀的岩石,還有不同生態棲息,是享受休閒海灘假期的好選擇! 早上8時準時訂票,與 #fanfares 一同遊歷 #三亞 這個迷人港灣!

三亞 港幣490 | 港幣982*
福州 港幣590 | 港幣1082*
馬尼拉 港幣790 | 港幣1168*
武漢 港幣790 | 港幣1282*
上海(浦東) 港幣890 | 港幣1382*
吉隆坡 港幣990 | 港幣1513*
濟州 港幣1590 | 港幣2135*
東京(成田) 港幣1890 | 港幣2439*
福岡 港幣2290 | 港幣2732*
曼徹斯特 港幣3290 | 港幣5697*
法蘭克福 港幣3890 | 港幣5930*

所有票價以 為準


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