Cathay Pacific fanfares Feb 19


South China Morning Post had an article in yesterday’s paper which wrote about Cathay Pacific’s new fanfares and how the number of visitors to Cathay’s web site has increased dramatically. You can read the article here. Due to the apparent success, I don’t think CX will stop these fares anytime soon.

“Cathay launched its “fanfares” programme on October 30. It puts 1,200 to 1,700 discount tickets up for grabs every Tuesday morning. Sixteen rounds of discount ticket sales have been launched.”

A lot of the CX fanfares which were released this morning at 8am HKT are already gone by 5pm. The destinations which are left:

Fares include: (*with tax + surcharge)

Taichung HKD 690 | HKD 1,344*
Kuala Lumpur HKD 990 | HKD 1,728*
Qingdao HKD 990 | HKD 1,677*
Yangon HKD 1,490 | HKD 2,142 *
Paris HKD 1,990 | HKD 4,957*
Sydney HKD 1,990 | HKD 4,800*
San Francisco HKD 2,990 | HKD 5,386*

I think all of them are actually decent fares so if you want to travel to these destinations and the dates work I say go for it.


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