Cathay Pacific to Boston


Boston gets to welcome a new route from Cathay Pacific between Beantown and Hong Kong. The service beings on May 1, 2015.

Boston Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has had great success with expanding flights to the US the past year. Service to NY, LA, and Chicago was increased; and CX also introduced Newark, NJ as a new destination. Boston will only help capture more of the market to Asia, and I feel with all of the colleges there, they will have no problem getting students from China to fill the seats.

Equipment will be the same 777 flying on all of the other routes to North America. This will allow them to offer consistency and swap planes whenever needed. The only route that’s not flying the 777 is one flight to SFO which is still flying an aging 747, but that’ll be swapped out for a 777 soon enough.

As someone who flies to New York often, this is a great addition, even though I have no plan to go to Boston. It should lessen the loads on the NY flights as many people connect to Boston via NY. Also, it will increase capacity overall to the East Coast, making award redemption easier. However, the only drawback I find with this flight is that oneworld partners don’t really have a big presence in Boston, so therefore any onward connection flight destinations will be limited from BOS.



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