Cathay fanfares weekly sale December 4


Another Tuesday = another round of CX fan fares.

The best deals I see on today’s list include Moscow at $1,990 HKD though it’s very cold this time of year, and departure date is limited to Dec 14. I do think Nagoya $990, Phnom Penh $790, and Penang $990 are decent locations this week.

There are also a few new locations I haven’t seen before, such as Jeju and Busan. But unless you’re going to ski, there isn’t much reason to go to Korea in January. Overall I’d say this week’s fanfares fall flat, as many of the dates are severely limited. Also, a lot of the destinations are only enjoyable in the warmer months so the January dates don’t help many of the tourists out.

I continue to be baffled why people keep buying out the Bangkok tickets. I understand it’s a nice warm destination but you can regularly get Bangkok tickets on sale due to the highly competitive nature of the HKG – BKK route. Maybe I should do a posting on that in the future.

This week’s fanfares can be booked here.


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