A Smooth Hop to Europe: CX271, Hong Kong to Amsterdam

At the Airport

This flight left from gate 3 which was a pleasant convenience compared to the higher numbered gates Continental European flights sometimes use.


This flight was operated by a Boeing 777 (registration number B-KQR).


We pushed back late due to a delay caused by air traffic congestion over China. This was a super smooth flight. Taxiing at Schiphol usually takes an age and this was no exception, coming in finally to gate three on schedule.

The flight was about four fifths full in economy class. There were quite a few older Dutch holidaymakers, some sporting the obligatory conical hats from Vietnam which European tourists seem to love. There was a large mainland group in front of me. They were very noisy trying to figure out which seats were theirs. As most of them did not speak English, the seat numbering using English letters was a source of some confusion to them, which I am surprised does not happen more often in non Anglophonic areas.


As the flight takes off so late, the dinner service is quick. There was a breakfast served about an hour and a half before landing. During this flight as is standard on Cathay long haul flights, there is a selection of snacks and drinks available at the galleys.

The crew on this flight was excellent, from a warm greeting on boarding to consistently attentive service throughout.

Food and Drink

The menu was as follows:

For the dinner service I selected meatballs, which Finnair does better than Cathay but Cathay’s version is at least alright.

For breakfast I chose congee, which on Cathay rarely varies and is never amazing in economy class.


This was a smooth, fine flight. I was happy to have a friendly, helpful, proactive crew which was more like the Cathay of old than of the past year or two.

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