$50 HKD CX fanfares! Book now!


You’re never going to find such amazing tickets again. $50 fanfares before taxes to plenty of long-haul destinations like New York, Rome, and Jo’burg.

Fares for this week are (^with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges):
Rome HKD50| HKD2,376^
Johannesburg HKD50| HKD2,472^
Kuala Lumpur HKD50| HKD788^
New York (JFK) HKD50| HKD2,500^
Xi’an HKD50| HKD744^
Chiang Mai HKD50| HKD806^
Perth HKD50| HKD2,713^
Milan HKD50| HKD2,325^
Busan HKD50| HKD803^
Haikou HKD50| HKD744^
Maldives (Malé) HKD50| HKD2,184^

Book now before they’re all gone.

fanfares 50 hkd


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