British Airways Avios Redemptions


Yesterday I mentioned a great way to rack up 50,000 – 100,000 Avios by signing up for a credit card…today I’ll tell you how to use them wisely.


British Airways changed their award redemption last year, from region based to distance based. While this removed some of the great redemption values for long distance flights, short distance flights became much cheaper to redeem.


BA Avios are great because they don’t charge last minute booking fees, so nice way to avoid paying up the wazoo for last-minute bookings.


For those of us in HK, I’ve outlined some great Avios redemption opportunities, and they cost less in Avios than equivalent Asia Miles. Honestly, I don’t think Asia Miles is a good program, I’d much rather accrue my miles with British Airways Executive Club.


Mileage Calculator

4,500 Avios One Way

  • HKG – TPE – This route can be pricy for last minute bookings or peak travel dates
  • HKG – HAN – Historically very expensive route for such a short flight. I think this is THE best redemption for value for for BA Avios or Asia Miles from HKG.
  • HKG – SYX

7,500 Avios One Way

  • HKG – BKK
  • HKG – CEB
  • HKG – PNH – Historically very expensive route for such a short flight.
  • HKG – OKA

10,000 Avios One Way

  • HKG – NRT
  • HKG – KIX





  1. So I fly a lot on Cathay. You think it is more worthwhile accumulating Avios instead of Asia miles while maintaining Cathay elite status?

    • Alex,

      It’s a bit hard to definitively say which program you should accumulate miles in. If you fly CX primarily, I suggest staying with Asia Miles, since you won’t be able to get elite status with them if you accrue Avios, and they will treat their own Marco Polo members better than BA elite, though you can still get oneworld status benefits.

      Regarding award redemptions, if you mainly fly point to point destinations without connections, Avios is certainly a better program vs Asia Miles since you can redeem flights for as low at 4500 Avios one way. If you need connections I’d say stay with Asia Miles since they calculate mileage requirements based on total distance, not by leg.

      Also, keep in mind that not all CX fare classes will qualify for Avios. You can check the chart here,

      Most discounted economy fare classes on CX only accrue Avios at 25% of actual mileage.

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