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Hong Kong Prepaid SIM Cards

December 2015: Check out the latest 2016 Best Prepaid SIM Cards April 2015: Check out the latest 2015 HK Prepaid SIM Card comparison Last week I blogged about an unlimited data plan for HK residents. Today’s post is about prepaid SIM cards for visitors and tourists. All of...

CX fanfares Dec 18 0

CX fanfare week of December 18

Cathay Pacific Fanfares are being released at 8am again today. I see some good fares below…so be ready to book early if you want to snatch these up. I think the best deals I see are: Shanghai $890 Kota Kinabalu $1090 Phuket $1190 Rome $1490 Amsterdam $2990

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MTR Increased Service Frequency

MTR has increased the service frequency of the trains this year, and they’ve initiated a campaign bragging about it. I think this is mainly in hope that people will forget about the three major instances where there was major MTR service disruption this year. While I commend them, this really...

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Buses to Shenzhen Airport

This is a followup to my previous post about flying out of Shenzhen and taking a bus to the airport. I used to fly out of SZX regularly to go to places in China; Chongqing, Kunming, Guilin, Xi’an, etc. The flights to these places from Hong Kong were...