HK Express Tickets from HK$118 up

This week’s Hong Kong Express Monday discounts are pretty much the same with last week’s, just a little cheaper. For travels between 10 October and 16 December, you can try to grab cheap tickets to Taichung at HK$180 up, Seoul at HK$320 up and Japan at HK$420 up. Book here tonight at midnight till 19 October.


Here are the round-trip prices:

Hong Kong <> Wuxi$236 ($665*)
Hong Kong <> Ningbo$236 ($665*)
Hong Kong <> Kunming$236 ($665*)
Hong Kong <> Taichung$360 ($703*)
Hong Kong <> Da Nang$360 ($710*)
Hong Kong <> Siem Reap$640 ($1,053*)
Hong Kong <> Bangkok$360 ($740*)
Hong Kong <> Chiang Mai$360 ($740*)
Hong Kong <> Phuket$360 ($740*)
Hong Kong <> Seoul (Incheon)$640 ($1,057*)
Hong Kong <> Fukuoka$840 ($1,120*)
Hong Kong <> Hiroshima$840 ($1,053*)
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Haneda)$840 ($1,230*)
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Narita)$840 ($1,231*)
Hong Kong <> Osaka$840 ($1,262*)

*Fares quoted are subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges.

The above prices do not include charges for checked baggage, prices for checked baggage are as followed:

Taichung, Kunming, Ningbo, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Da Nang:
One way: 20kg – $150, 25kg – $200, 30kg – $250
Tokyo (Haneda)/(Narita), Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Phuket, Bangkok:
One way: 20kg – $225, 25kg – $300, 30kg – $340

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