Cathay Pacific/Dragonair Fanfares (Sept 8)

Long-haul destinations are the most attractive options among Cathay Pacific’s fanfares this week. Nearby destinations are not particularly appealing unless you are planning a visit.

It only costs HK$4,131 to travel to Melbourne (Sept 10-14). For American cities, it only costs HK$4,486 to fly to Chicago (Sept 16-20) and HK$4,486 to San Francisco (Nov 1-14). For you fashionistas or romantics, tickets to Paris (Nov 15-28) cost HK$5,271 only.

For the rest of Cathay Pacific’s list, the last-minute travels depart as early as September 10 (this Thursday) while others leave from mid to late November.

Also check out Hong Kong Express’s latest Wake up, Go Fly deals for travels from now till 14 July, 2016. Booking last through September 14. Hong Kong Airlines also have its 9th anniversary discounts out now for all destinations. Check out our piece about the discount here.


Express your romantic side with a trip to Paris – the city of love. Take a leisurely stroll down the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, and after that maybe dinner at the Eiffel Tower. You can always find further inspiration at the Louvre, where Mona Lisa’s famous smile awaits your gaze. Fly to Paris for a unique European adventure. Book ‪#‎fanfares‬ at 8am.
Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges):
San Francisco HKD 3,990 | HKD 4,986*
Paris HKD 4,290 | HKD 5,271*
Haikou HKD 490 | HKD 806*
Xiamen HKD 490 | HKD 806*
Da Nang HKD 1,490 | HKD 1,832*
Siem Reap HKD 1,390 | HKD 1,790*
Melbourne HKD 3,090 | HKD 4,131*
Chicago HKD 3,490 | HKD 4,486*
Yangon HKD 1,490 | HKD 1,865*
Ho Chi Minh City HKD 890 | HKD 1,363*
Hangzhou HKD 890 | HKD 1,206*
*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer

戀上 ‪#‎巴黎‬,與這個浪漫之都談一場戀愛。沿香榭麗舍大街牽手漫步,再到艾菲爾鐵塔享用一頓燭光晚餐。羅浮宮總是個尋覓靈感的好去處,當中蒙娜麗莎的微笑正期待你的目光。立即飛往巴黎,踏上獨特的歐洲探索之旅。早上八時準時訂購 #fanfares!
三藩市 港幣 3,990 | 港幣 4,986*
巴黎 港幣 4,290 | 港幣 5,271*
海口 港幣 490 | 港幣 806*
廈門 港幣 490 | 港幣 806*
峴港 港幣 1,490 | 港幣 1,832*
暹粒 港幣 1,390 | 港幣 1,790*
墨爾本 港幣 3,090 | 港幣 4,131*
芝加哥 港幣 3,490 | 港幣 4,486*
仰光 港幣 1,490 | 港幣 1,865*
胡志明市 港幣 890 | 港幣 1,363*
杭州 港幣 890 | 港幣 1,206*
所有票價以 為準。

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