Author: Christopher R.

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Free Tram and Star Ferry Rides on Tuesday, 29th November

Fancy a free ride on one of Hong Kong’s iconic trams or Star Ferry? The General Chamber of Commerce is again kindly sponsoring a free ride day, to mark its 155th anniversary. On 29th November there will be no charge for rides on the trams, or two Star...

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Using the Hong Kong Frequent Visitor Scheme

If you visit Hong Kong regularly and would prefer not to wait in the queue at passport control, consider joining the Frequent Visitor Scheme. Benefits                 If you join the scheme, you will have a barcode stuck on your passport cover which will allow you to use the...

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Smartone $88 ($106) Unlimited Data Plan

We previously featured this data plan and it remains a popular one despite price increases far in excess of inflation. The price is now advertised as $88 but Smartone adds a gratuitous “admin fee” of $18 (sneakily buried in the terms and conditions on its website) so the...