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Cathay Pacific Fanfares (Aug 2)

This week’s Cathay Pacific fanfares don’t have any discounts for Japanese routes, but still offer some pretty nice deals for some short trips. Tickets to Seoul (Oct 9-22 ) cost HK$2302, and those to Jeju (Aug 7-13 ) cost HK$2668. Phuket (Oct 9-22) at HK$1582 is also a pretty attractive deal. For...

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HK Express Monday Sales (Aug 1) – Fall Discounts

Hong Kong Express Monday is offering us discounts for our autumn travels. For travels between August 23 and December 15, discounted tickets to Japan and Korea cost as cheap as HK$318 before tax, and those to Taiwan cost as cheap as HK$168. Not a particularly exciting ticket sale, but... 0

Cathay Pacific Fanfares (Jul 26)

This week’s Cathay Pacific fanfares offer two great deals to Japan, with Hiroshima tickets (Aug 21-Sept 22) costing HK$2110 and Nagoya tickets (Aug 2-5 ) costing HK$2721. Meanwhile, for further destination, New York (Aug 6-7) at HK$4594 and Dubai (Aug 1-8 ) at HK$2665 both seems to be great choices....

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HK Express Monday (Jul 25) – $78 Mega Sale!!

Hong Kong Express Monday gives us a brand-new HK$78 Megasale discount for all routes! One-way tickets for all routes for travels between August 28 and July 13, 2017 are just going to cost HK$78 before tax! This discount is not available for peak seasons like summer and Christmas holidays, but it never hurts to try... 0

Cathay Pacific Fanfares (Jul 19)

Again, this week’s Cathay Pacific fanfares surprise us with some nice deals to close-by destinations and some rather catching discounts for the long-haul flights too. We have some nice deals to Japan and Korea. Tickets to Fukuoka (Sept 10-23 ) cost as low as HKD 2882 and those to Nagoya (Jul...