Asia Miles Mileage Renewal – Are you crazy?!?

Asia Miles recently sent me an e-mail to remind me to use up my miles which are expiring soon, how nice of them. Attached to that email was the link below about mileage renewal.


This is the most absurd offer I’ve heard of. It costs $40 USD to renew a block of 2,000 miles, online. $100 per 2,000 miles on the phone or some other method. So for my 26,xxx miles expiring soon, I’d have to pay at least $520 USD to keep them for another three years. Are you crazy!?!?!


This is the most ridiculous fee I’ve heard of, and Asia Miles tries to make it sound like it’s a great offer, let me reword that, IDEAL.

This is ideal if your miles are about to expire and you want to redeem your miles for awards at a later date.


Actually the ideal thing to do is look at my previous post about expiring Asia Miles and follow one of those tactics.  My suggestion is if you can’t do anything with the miles, book a flight and cancel the ticket for $120 USD, big difference from $520 to renew.

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